• What should be paid attention to when choosing yoga wear?

    What should be paid attention to when choosing yoga wear?

    Yoga wear are different from other clothes. The first consideration is the fabric material and comfort, and the second is whether it looks good or not. Yoga instructors believe that yoga clothes are mainly made of cotton or linen. Such materials have good air permeability, sweat absorption and so...
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  • Ubuy adds a new dimension to the athleisure trend with socks that can be worn all day long.

    Ubuy socks set new trends in modern sportswear with an innovative design. Ubuy, one of the most popular sock brands in China, is now bringing a paradigm shift to the booming sportswear market by making socks an integral part of the change. The company offers an amazing line of high quality knitte...
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  • How to choose a pair of socks with good moisture wicking properties?

    Mainly depends on the material In addition to cotton, there are two options If there is not much sweat on your feet, you can choose “cotton” socks, but the ratio of cotton is not as high as possible. Cotton is a very versatile textile material, with good moisture absorption, comfortab...
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  • Young consumers tend to custom printed socks

    Talking about why the company started to contact digital custom printed socks, Mr. Wu introduced that on the one hand, digital printing is indeed a trend now, more and more products have begun to add printing elements, and young people are more and more accepting of personalized products. As a co...
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  • What to pay attention to in socks design

    Many current socks designers are unprofessional. Some start from the factory. This has an advantage. Just understand the product. Know which design can be used and which cannot be used. Some are made from graphic design. These have to be adapted slowly. Another is the art major. Their pictures ar...
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  • For runners, socks provide important comfort and protection.

    Sock. They can be colorful, fluffy, or hung carefully by the chimney. They help protect the feet from blisters and the smell of shoes. They can be very stylish and well worth it! For runners, socks provide important comfort and protection. The wrong socks can make the feet soak in a pile of sweat...
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  • Tired of COVID restrictions, Finns run in deep snow wearing socks

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Finns are keen to avoid gyms and other indoor sports venues this winter. They have found a new way to stay healthy-running in the snow without wearing training shoes , Only wear thick woolen socks. The snowfall in Finland this winter is particularly heavy, and run...
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  • Ubuy sports bra is comfortable and cute

    Ah, sports bras-you either love them or you don’t. If you fall into the category of “hate them”, read on: This affordable set may change your mind. Maybe your current bra is uncomfortable and it is too close to the skin, making it difficult to move during your favorite fitness c...
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  • What color matching tips do socks have?

    What color matching tips do socks have?

    Socks collocation skills, divided into two, one is color matching skills, one is style skills. Today we are going to talk about color matching techniques. 1. Black, white and gray socks go well with black, white and gray shoes. 2. In terms of stocking color, white is the most white, followed by...
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  • Make fun and fashionable socks for men..

    Socks are one of the most important garments, but their importance, function and beauty are often overlooked. You don’t want to be the kind of person who wears white crew socks with suits or formal socks to exercise, just because there is a pair of clean socks in the drawer. To put it blunt...
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  • Grab these holiday socks to get fun and holiday sock fillers

    As of the time of publication, pricing and availability are accurate. Learn more about shopping today. Holiday shopping can be difficult. Fortunately, we provide you with an exquisite gift guide for any occasion, from shopping for a discerning teenager to finding something suitable for that speci...
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  • Having the right running sock will have an impact on your comfort

    Having the right running sock will have an impact on your comfort

    Whether you are a running expert or just started this sport, having the right running equipment will have an impact on your comfort, motivation level and your performance in daily running. Let’s take a look at some basic running equipment that can improve performance. As you might expect, t...
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